Elements of Design (6)

Here I tried to emphasise vertical lines:

I find the gap between the columns a bit distracting, so I stepped closer to them:

Next I tried to cropping tighter:

And lastly, stepping back again but including a glimpse of Queen Victoria's statue and some figures in the background:


Elements of Design (5)

I wanted to create a really clean, simple, design with theses spheres in Victoria Square, Birmingham, but found it difficult to avoid distracting details:

Spheres 1

Next I tried to isolate and emphasise one of the spheres but still show it in context of the others:

Spheres 2
Again though fussy details at the top of the image I find distracting, this next example with a shallow depth of field perhaps works better:

Spheres 3
I think what also works better in this third shot is that by cropping less tightly on the nearest sphere, it actually seems to isolate it more.

Elements of Design (4)

Another trip to Birmingham this morning:
Curves 1
Trying to capture some 'curves', the above shot seems 'ok', but not quite right. I had included the drain cover in the top right to add a little interest, but I'm not sure that works. On the next one I missed the shadow of the passing pedestrian at the top left which is a bit distracting:

Curves 2

The next one works better, I think because the two lighter curves are more tightly anchored into the lower corners and lead the eye in:

Curves 3

By changing position so that the camera was pointing down, the same curved block work becomes more diagonal:


Depth of Field

An exercise from the course, all these pictures of a sign on a curved wall were shot at f/1.4 on a crop sensor (APS-C) digital camera:

Focus on 'T'
Focus on the 'R' in Windsor

Focus on 'W'
 I prefer the first one - it seems to stand out more than the others.

Elements of Design (2)

Another shot from my first attempts of street details, here trying to shoot a combination of vertical and horizontal lines:

Perhaps a little too literal or 'deadpan'? Still, I like it, I think because the slightly bluish hue of the white-washed glass goes well with the packing tape. Also the random-ness of swirls of white-wash contrasts with the regularity of the window frame.

May be this blacked-out window is a better example:

Elements of Design (1)

I decided to take 'street details' as the subject for my second assignment, 'Elements of Design'. Here's some shots from my first attempts:

I was trying to create an implied triangle here, but I think my earlier shot was more successful:

I think this works better as the 3 darker blocks create a second triangle shape, as does the group in the upper right corner: